Alex Pederiva


Alex Pederiva is a young Italian professional musician from Val di Fassa in Trentino-Alto Adige. His passion for music grew over the years and therefore he decided to specialize in this discipline, starting to play the guitar at the age of 17.
Alex is graduated from the CDM institute in Rovereto, studying Jazz/Blues/Funk and Fusion, theory and harmony, where he also deepened the study of piano and home recording. He is currently about to graduate from the MMI institute in Verona, with the teacher and professional musician Andrea Martongelli. In addition to the guitar, he also dedicates himself to the study of singing technique. Alex is solo artist with three unreleased songs already published, guitarist and backing vocals in the acoustic group Blue Icos, likewise in the acoustic trio Kairos and guitarist in the I bambini dell'asilo tribute band to Vasco Rossi.
Alex is a guitar teacher at the "Cesfor" in Bolzano and MMI teacher in Bolzano, he has already worked in various situations in the recording studio, working with the "Metro Rec" in Riva del Garda and with the "Rogue Recording Studios" in London.
In May 2022 he participates in the Guitar Show in Padua as a artist for Reference Cables and in the same event he has the opportunity to perform on the main stage with Giuseppe Scarpato, Enrico Santacatterina, Osvaldo LoIacono and Alberto Lombardi.
In the same year he performed at SHG Milano, for ESP guitars and Reference Cables.
He has also participated in various masterclasses with great musicians: Alex Stornello, Andrea Martongelli, Nicola Fasani and Christian Meyer (Elio e le Storie Tese), Michele Vioni, Steve Vai, Kiko Loureiro, Daniele Gottardo, Robben Ford, Michele Luppi (Whitesnake), Claudius Pietronik. Ciro Manna, Osvaldo Lo Iacono and Giacomo Pasquali. Since February 2021 Alex has been part of the Musicoff Young project.
Finally he is artist for: Mogar Music, ESP/LTD, Zoom, Reference Cables, DevilPicks and Nembrini Audio.