Alex Pederiva


Alex Pederiva is a young professional musician from Italy. His passion of the music has grown during the years and therefore decided to specialize himself in that discipline.
Everything started in Rovereto, by the CDM Professional Institute, studying Jazz, Blues, Funk, Fusion and furthermore he enhanced the study of piano and home-recording. Now, he is attending the MMI Institute in Verona, where he put himself in the hands of Andrea Martongelli a professional musician and teacher. Moreover, Alex practices singing, he is a solo artist, guitarist and second voice of both the groups Blue Icos, Room n’ Blues and guitarist of I Bambini dell’asilo Tribute Band to Vasco Rossi.
He is available for live and recording studio sessions and then for guitar lessons.
At least he attended several masterclasses with great musicians as: Alex Stornello, Andrea Martongelli, Nicola Fasani, Christian Meyer, Michele Vioni, Steve Vai, Kiko Loureiro, Daniele Gottardo, Robben Ford and Michele Luppi (Whitesnake).
Since February 2021 Alex is also part of the Musicoff Young project.